Brand guidelines

The name 'AOSP STUDIO', the aospstudio logo, the aospstudio brand and other AOSP STUDIO trademarks are the property of AOSP STUDIO.

All creatives containing or referencing AOSP STUDIO trademarks must be reviewed and fully approved by the AOSP STUDIO brand team. Below are the legal rules on how to display our trademarks. Use the brand request form to submit your marketing materials for review. .


AOSP STUDIO brand and related items are listed below.
AOSP STUDIO ™ must appear with the trademark symbol when first appearing in a creative.

  • Any use of the name AOSP STUDIO must include the following statement in your communication:> AOSP STUDIO brand and logo are used within official sponsorship.
  • AOSP STUDIO should always be capitalized.
  • AOSP STUDIO should never be used with plural or possessive suffixes.
  • The aspect ratio of the AOSP STUDIO logo should never be changed.
  • The content of the AOSP STUDIO logo should never be changed.
  • AOSP STUDIO logo # 000000 and #ffffff are hexadecimal colors. It should not be changed with other colors except these colors.

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