Soundwave Important Service Termination notice

Hi SoundWave EQ and SoundWave EQ TV Users,

We regret to inform you that the background service, displayed as a persistent notification and necessary for SoundWave to run continuously in the background without being affected by battery optimizations, has been permanently banned by the Google Play Store as of yesterday. From now on, our applications will continue to operate without this service. Some manufacturers implement battery optimizations through interface features to provide a better user experience, or they utilize Android OS’s Doze battery optimizations. On TVs, this feature might be referred to as energy saving. As a result, various applications, including SoundWave, may be automatically terminated after some time as the system does not detect them as running or assumes the user is not actively using them. Consequently, we developers use background services to keep our applications running without significantly impacting your battery experience. The use of this service became subject to additional scrutiny with Android 14 on the Play Store. As one of the approved developers, we continued to provide a seamless experience for months using this service. However, despite making no changes to ensure that our applications remain safe and non-intrusive, our applications have been banned from using this service due to alleged violations of Google Play Policies. Rest assured that we are a small developer team trying to make a living through the Google Play Store. We are always committed to taking steps to satisfy our users. We offer our applications free of charge in exchange for ads, and provide an ad-free version with additional features for a small fee. We support and do not contest Google’s decisions focused on security, privacy, and battery. However, some measures taken by Google in the operating system and some decisions made in the Google Play Store seriously harm developers like us, and greatly inconvenience our users who rightly expect a flawless experience from the applications they paid for. Therefore, we want to take a step we believe will please our users. Starting with the new versions of our applications released today, we have removed these services. Now, we kindly ask SoundWave mobile users to manually find the SoundWave EQ app in the app list and turn off the “No restrictions, Not optimized, No battery optimization” option, which varies by manufacturer, under the battery section. SoundWave EQ TV users are requested to turn off any energy-saving options, if available, from the energy management page in the TV settings or by finding the SoundWave EQ TV app in the app list. (Unfortunately, we intended to direct you automatically to these battery and energy pages in this update. However, redirecting to these pages has also been prohibited for us developers.) If you are using a third-party app for battery or energy management, you need to whitelist the SoundWave EQ or SoundWave EQ TV apps in those third-party applications. If this issue persists after disabling these battery or energy features, our free version users may uninstall our app directly. However, if you have purchased our app and the issue continues after applying these methods, please contact us through any available channel. We will respond as soon as possible, and upon providing the order code from your Google Play order receipts, we will issue a full refund. (Please note that refunds may take 7 to 14 days to reflect depending on your payment method. Once we inform you of the refund, responsibility lies with the payment method provider. Unfortunately, we cannot offer support after the refund.) We are confident that our users will understand, and we thank everyone.

Best regards…